Zones and cell leaders


What are zones?

The cells are grouped together administratively as zones, providing effective ‘mini-churches’ to outwork the Living Well Church vision.  Growth in the number of cells results in the addition of other zones; the growth being sideways in nature so as to prevent a bottom-heavy structure, where a few leaders are frantically trying to serve hundreds of people!

Leadership care and training is a key to the health and growth of any church.  Therefore the zone leaders will endeavour to have interns to serve them in their task.

If “Community is the window through which the world sees Jesus”, then it is essential for each person to be a part of the building block of Living Well church life – the cell.

What are cells?

Cells are an important part of the life of Living Well. This is the first line of pastoral input and allows for building of strong relationships not only within but across the groups. Each cell has its own regular evening when they meet.

At Living Well we believe it is important for the church to operate on three levels; locally (in the Community); together as one body (in Celebration); and as a small family unit (in Cell).  None of these levels is more important than the other, but each one must be working well for the church to be healthy.

The basic principles of church in Community, Celebration and Cell can be found in Acts chapter 2:42-47, resulting in the growth and multiplication of those who honour Jesus.

Cell groups, also known as home groups, life groups and small groups, are the basic family unit of the church. They are where trusting friendships can be developed and people of all walks, ages and backgrounds can grow and experience life together. The idea is for the groups to meet more than every other week, as the heart of church is family and experiencing life together.

Cell groups are usually led by a pair of leaders and have between five and ten members.  As the primary place of accountability, pastoral care and commitment, being part of Living Well Church means being part of a cell group.  Any living cell grows, multiplying to provide growth for the body.  The cells within Living Well are expected to grow, multiplying to form new cells and increasing impact within local communities in the town.

 Mike & Jen Woolf 

Mike and JenMike and Jen Woolf are from Bideford on the North Devon coast. They met in the church choir when they were 9 years old (aaaaahh) and were married 21 years later. (Clearly not a couple to rush into things!) They moved to Plymouth in 1998 and have been members of Living Well since 2006.They both work full time, but are fully committed to the life of the Living Well family as Cell Leaders, heading up the organisation of the regular social activities and part of the Church Leadership Team. Mike is also the treasurer for the church and treasurer & trustee for SWEAT our training centre and Jen is a leader in the ladies mentoring team. They love to see people catch the heart of The Living Well vision and begin to realise their potential and God given destiny.

Steve & Sarah Lake                                                                                Stevesarah2

Steve and Sarah have been married since 2001 and have been part of the Living Well family since 2009.  Plymouth born Steve is an Architectural Technologist and Sarah, Plymouth based since 1999, is a Primary School Teacher.  They both enjoy entertaining, enjoying the beautiful West Country scenery and coastal walking with their two young daughters and their hyperactive whippet Maisie! Their heart is for building family and enriching relationships and they lead the Marriage Enrichment Course. They desire to represent and reflect God through their lives. Their passion is for their cell family to grow, find find freedom, be equipped and to live in the fullness of what God is calling them to be and do.

Ben & Clare Stirling

Ben and Clare StirlingBen and Clare married in 2003 and have been part of Living Well Church since 2007. They met at work where Ben was a Designer and Clare worked in Sales, PR & Marketing. Ben loves design and is now running his own Web Design Company and Clare retrained and was a Drug & Alcohol Worker. She is now at home looking after their two children, Sam and Joshua. With a passion to raise and release leaders and see people mature and be a life transformed, Ben and Clare are involved with Living Well’s training centre SWEAT (South West Equipping and Training) and previously ran the Year of Training programme. Ben and Clare are currently cell leaders and training as Eldership interns. Ben heads up the music team at Living Well and Clare helps to serve Neil & Lynn’s vision for the church alongside being Assistant Head for the Living Word Bible College.

 Geoff & Lesley Munnings 

Geoff and LesleyGeoff and Lesley Munnings have been married for 23 years and have four children, three of whom are young adults. They have lived in Plympton for 16 years and been part of the Living Well family for most of that time. Geoff is deputy manager in a residential home for autistic adults and Lesley is carer for their youngest daughter.
Their passion is for their people to capture Kingdom principles. They have a passion for God’s word and to see it manifest in the lives of the people God has given them. They have a heart to encourage strong connections within the family of Living Well and beyond.Their aim is to lea’ve a legacy of mature sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and hence future leaders who are great ambassadors for their king.

 Andy & Ria George

Andy and RiaAndy & Ria George have been married since 1998, have 4 children and a dog and have lived in Plymouth their whole lives. They have been part of the Living Well family since 2009 and are passionate about building God’s family through relationship.
They believe in encouraging all of God’s people to push in and discover their purpose for God’s plan and invest time and energy in equipping the next generation.




James & Tracy Fernandes


James and Tracy have been married since 2002 and have 2 children. James is originally from London and is an IT worker, whereas Tracy is from Yorkshire and is currently a fulltime housewife. They met at University in the midlands where they lived for over 10 years, moving to Plymouth in 2011, joining Living Well shortly after.
Within Living Well Tracy now runs the parent and toddler groups 2 mornings a week and James is a member of the music team. They lead together in the children’s club and now have been released into cell leadership.
Their aim is to foster a welcoming, open and social cell that has a family feel. They are passionate about having fun and enjoying the life God has given us but in the way God intended, applying Gods order to our lives.
Their heart is to see real, true, honest relationships form within their cell and to see God change and impact everyone’s lives so they can understand and walk in the full freedom of Christ.

 Youth Cell

Jack Munnings, Travis Collins & Andy Hemes

imageJack Munnings Jack was born in Cheltenham. He moved with his family to Plymouth when he was 6. He started going to Living Well soon after arriving. Jack grew up in Plymouth and has gone through the youth system of Living Well while he has grown up. When he turned 19 Jack did his first year of SWEAT and grew so much because of that experience and his equipping. Since then he has carried on his growth becoming more mature and eager to carry on pushing in and growing more. Jack enjoys being able to help and equip people so they can grow and become the people God wants them to be by reaching their destiny and, becoming stronger men and women of God as they listen to God and His Word, is wonderful to see. To see people pushing in and really going for it is one of Jacks passions, and he wants to see people become whole and begin to really reach their potential and fly.

Travis Collins I was born in South Africa and moved to England with my parents when I was 3. From a young age I had a passion for youth and helping within that setting. When I completed my education I went to a Christian based Leadership Training school for three years. In that time I learnt a lot about God – and myself, as a Christian. Through this time I gained a passion for teaching and a desire to see the next generation of youths being shown a true way to live life. As a youth cell leader I have opportunity to do this through discussions and building relationships with them. It is a pleasure to see them growing in maturity: not by what I do, but by what we do together – in God’s name!

Andy Hemes. I was born and Hovis in Plymouth and have been in Living Well as long as I can remember. I have a passion for the arts and is involved with the music team at Living Well as well as practice photography in my spare time. I’ve been involved in youth work since going through secondary school working in Fusion kids club and G Force and have had a passion for youth work since then.

Working in trio is a great experience and we each bring a great dynamic to Youth Cell, to see the youth at Living Well hungry for God and wanting to grow in their faith brings excitement to each night and makes planning each cell that much more fun.

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