Fusion Kids Club


Vision Statement

Fusion is our children’s work for those of Primary School age – a place to have fun and build relationships whilst learning key Christian life principles and values in exciting and adventurous ways.

Mission Statement

Safety is key to all that we do; creating a healthy family environment in which the children can thrive as they grow in faith with God and relationally with each other. New experiences will be opportunities for personal development as they realise more of their God given destinies for living their lives.

Fusion is for Primary School aged children. During the Living Well celebrations on a Sunday morning, the children meet for their own celebration in term time. The children take part in exciting fun time games, activities and crafts. They will also learn fun new songs or take part in crazy aerobics.

Each term, there will be a theme with related Bible stories or drama where children will learn Christian and life principles.

At some parts of the morning, children will take part in activities in age groups. There are two groups: Live Wires and Bright Sparks.

Live Wires

For Year 3 to Year 6 Primary aged children, Live Wires will explore new things and what it is to take on new challenges whether they succeed or fail. They will be encouraged to lead and take on responsibility. They will also be encouraged to consider how they can bless, build friendships and meet needs in their local community.

Bright Sparks

For Foundation – Year 2 aged children, Bright Sparks is a lively group where young children can learn to have fun, make friendships and learn good life skills alongside God’s ways to live.


Other Fusion Events

Family events will be planned throughout the year such as Family Fun Days, Angels and Famous Mortals Party, Christmas Party, Family Outing Day and MUCH MORE! The leaders work alongside parents to ensure an effective, family environment is upheld.


Fusion Leaders


Sarah Lakey is a qualified primary school teacher and is passionate about children thriving in environments where they feel safe, valued and loved. Sarah believes these early years are so important when Godly foundations and principles can be laid. She leads with an AMAZING team who all work together to inspire and equip the next generation.


Fearless…our Fusion friend!

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