Cell Leader Training

cell-leader-trainingCells are an important part of Living Well and as we continue to grow as a church, we are keen to raise and release new leaders, in particular cell leaders. Cells are typically led by two people and have between 6-10 people in each cell. During a cell year, members are encouraged to participate in cell life and for those interested, be trained as interns with a view to becoming cell leaders during cell multiplication, which happens in the summer.

As part of this duplication process, we provide specific ‘Cell Leader Training’. The training is a great way to learn more about running small groups. It covers topics such as

  • God’s Will, Work and Way
  • The difference between Greek and Hebrew mentalities and ways of life
  • A contrast between the New Testament Church and Today’s Church
  • Understanding Cell Life
  • The three main legs of church life; church in cell, church in celebration and church in the community.

Please monitor our events calendar for forthcoming Cell Leader Training.

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